#RVACoffeeLove as shrinky dink

This Friday, you're invited to buy a cup of coffee for someone - called #RVACoffeeLove by organizers.

Read all the official details here: http://wtvr.com/2014/02/11/rva-coffee-love-project

Since every time it snows I'm trapped in my house for days (and days and days and days), I posted a few #RVACoffeeLove inspired shrinky dinks TODAY over at Taza Coffee & Creme. Finders Keepers. While you're there - please buy a cup of coffee for someone and post a pic with #RVACoffeeLove on Twitter or Facebook.

Here's a peek at the shrinky dinks:

If you see John at Taza Coffee and Creme - tell him you're there for the art in the bathoom, and the #RVACoffeeLove project. (THANKS JOHN!)

You can follow shrinky dink art making on Instagram, here: www.instagram.com/iknowtiffany or Twitter, www.twitter.com/iknowtiffany.