UPDATE: #RVASelfie is ongoing (not just one day)

At the Best Little Bathroom Show featuring Surprise Selfie Portraits - one observer declared, "I can't take pictures of myself. It would be embarrassing."

Me*:  "Why? Artists have created pictures of themselves for a long time."

Her: "Oh. yeah. I forgot."
*Hosting a shrinky dink art show in a bathroom may alter my embarrassment threshold, but still: the point is - self portraits are a historic form of artistic self expression.

It's still ok to showcase yourself. Take a picture, tagged #RVASelfie. To show MY love for YOUR selfie, I'll shrinky dink it (as many as I can) for an upcoming show: Location TBA. Date TBA.

Proof real artists love selfies: 
Frida Kahlo "Selfies"
Frida Kahlo "Selfies"
Picasso "Selfies"
Matisse "Selfies"

Van Gogh "Selfies"