Best Little Bathroom Art Show on Grace Street - Shrinky Dink Portraits

Featuring Shrinky Dink Selfie Portraits by Tiffany Glass Ferreira
Happening THIS First Friday - March 7, 5:30-8:30pm
TMI Consulting Inc's Bathroom, 213 E Grace St #101, Richmond, VA 23219

PARKING NOTE: Easy parking is available in a deck on the same block as TMI's office. The deck is located on 2nd Street between Grace and Franklin streets. Enter from Grace or Franklin streets. Directions from the PARKING DECK (200 E. Grace Street) to TMI Consulting (213 E. Grace Street): Then, walk 23 seconds without crossing the street.

Preview of the tiny (less than 2"x2") Shrinky Dink Portraits, here: 

Who's in the show? Click here. Also, Watch the portraits shrinking on Instagram, here.


Q: What's a Shinky Dink?
A: A Shrinky Dink is a shrinkable plastic often used in children's art classes. After the artist (or child) draws on the surface, the plastic is shrunk in a toaster oven - Watch live video of the shrinky dink portraits in action, here:

Q: What is a Bathroom Art Show?
It's an art show in a bathroom (an intimate setting for an art show). This is the second Best Little Bathroom Art Show - and there's already another in the works for April. Stay tuned for details (or email me if you're curious). If you have a bathroom, and you would like to host a show - contact

Q: Why did you select these people? (OR WHY ME?) The individuals included in the Best Little Bathroom Show on Grace Street were curated by TMI Consulting. "We selected these individuals during Black History month and with an eye toward inclusion. At TMI we aim to expand the definition of diversity beyond race and gender. We hope you enjoy this amazing collection of change makers, artists, creatives, activists, citizens, thinkers, and all around awesome people." - Tiffany Jana, CEO, TMI Consulting Inc.

Q: Can I buy/request/commission a Shrinky Dink Portrait?
A: Yes. Here. Note: Shrinky Dink portraits in the TMI Consulting Show are not for sale. Individuals featured in the show may contact the artist to obtain their portrait: or 804-852-9151.