Grace Street Show at TMI

March 7, 2014


The Best Little Bathroom Art Show on Grace Street featuring Surprise Shrinky Dink Selfie Portraits by Tiffany Glass Ferreira - March 7, 5:30-8:30pm at TMI Consulting Inc's Bathroom, 213 E Grace St #101, Richmond, VA 23219

Portrait List: 
  1. Precious Turner
  2. Robey Martin
  3. Stanley Fit
  4. Eva Rocha
  5. Annette Khan
  6. Christy Coleman
  7. Nadira Chase
  8. Richard Wintsch
  9. Kimberly Yednock
  10. Larry Gard
  11. Desiree Roots Centeio
  12. Brandon Carter
  13. Angela W Patton
  14. Rob Jones
  15. Sara Tandy
  16. Larkin Garbee
  17. Lucretia Anderson
  18. Adriana Marie
  19. Drew Nacchi Little
  20. Cristina Ramirez
  21. Armani Hall
  22. Jennifer Lemons
  23. Aisha Huertas
  24. Maria Carra Rose
  25. Judi Crenshaw
  26. Thomas E. Nowlin
  27. Andrew Cothern
  28. Kevin Clay 
  29. Barb Upchurch
  30. Radiah Covington
  31. Jenny Hundley
  32. Megan Marconyak
  33. Melissa Barlow
  34. Tracy Hopkins
  35. Jackie Jones 
  36. Ana McCubbin
  37. James Ricks
  38. Lenora Smith
  39. Jennifer Sakamoto Anderson
  40. Tiffany Jana

SNEAK PEEK: Watch Tiffany Glass Ferreira create the portraits via Instragram, here:

PARKING:  Easy parking is available in a deck on the same block as TMI's office. The deck is located on 2nd Street between Grace and Franklin streets. Enter from Grace or Franklin streets.

Directions from the PARKING DECK (200 E. Grace Street) to TMI Consulting (213 E. Grace Street): Walk 23 seconds without crossing the street.

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