Broad Street Show at Storefront

February 7, 2014

Best Little Bathroom Art Show on Broad Street featuring Surprise Shrinky Dink Selfie Portraits by Tiffany Glass Ferreira,  February 7, 5-9pm at Storefront for Community Design's Bathroom, 205 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

Intagram Photo by Christina M Dick

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who shared details, posted pics, tweeted links, instagramed, liked or came to the first Best Little Bathroom Art Show! I'm delighted, inspired & grateful for your encouragement. Questions or Comments? Email:
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Portrait Link List: 

1. Alex Iwashyna
2. Nikole Sarvay
3. Justin Beiber
4. SR 

5. Jocelyn Plums
6. Kristin Jimison
7. Amanda Burnette
8. Matt H
9. Trevor Dickerson
10. Christina Dick

11. Kira Siddall
12. Valerie Catrow
13. Jessi Coble
14. Mason
15. Sarah Milston

16. Suzanne Hall

17. Karri Peifer

18. Patience Salgado

19. Jeb Hoge

20. Scott Wise

21. Brea Hoppe Doutt

22. Molly Sullivan

23. Alex Katz
24. Phil Riggan
25. Tori Valentine
26. Jennifer Lemons

27. Hey Art
28. Jonah Holland

29. Heather Addley
30. Eva Colen

31. Aero Ems 

32. Shoppher

33. Suzanne Vinson

34. Maggie Smith

35. @RichmondSprite

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