Cary Street Show at Orange

Celebrate Orange's One Year Anniversary!
Thursday, May 8 from 5:30-7pm

Orange, 2007 W. Cary Street (Directly next to World of Mirth)

Featuring The Best Little Bathroom Show on Cary Street
And Special Guest Appearance by The Real Live Ollie of RVA's Pug Pillow Fame

Ollie Photo Credit: R•Home Magazine

The Shrinky Dink Portrait List (Sneak Peek Coming Soon):
  1. Paul Spicer
  2. Kelly Vance
  3. Ryan Smartt
  4. Elizabeth Smartt
  5. Jennifer Lemons
  6. Slash Coleman
  7. Tori's Cat Jeff
  8. Farmer Russell
  9. Alex Nyerges
  10. Jennifer Pullinger
  11. Parker Agalesto
  12. Tyler Snidow
  13. Nathan Hughes
  14. Lucy Meade
  15. Maureen Eagen
  16. Thea Brown
  17. Ward Tefft 
  18. Johnny Hugel
  19. Scott Pharr
  20. Kate Hall
  21. Sarah Choi and 2GutsyGirls
  22. Happy the Artist
  23. Trey Hartt
  24. Sarah Roquemore 
  25. TBA 
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