Q: What's a "Shinky Dink"?
A: "Shrinky Dink" is a shrinkable plastic product often used by children. After drawing on the surface, I shrink it in a toaster oven - Watch live video, here: http://instagram.com/iknowtiffany#

Q: What is a Bathroom Art Show?
A: It's an art show in a bathroom (the perfect small setting for a teeny tiny art show).. If you have a beautiful creative bathroom, and you would like to host a show - contact iknowtiffany@gmail.com

Q:  What is a Selfie Portrait?
A: I'm inspired by the occasional personal insights people share through their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Often spontaneous images of joy, loneliness, pride, change and personal announcement - these images stick in my memory and create an impression in a passing moment.

Q: Why do you use Shrinky Dinks?
A: A lot of reasons: It's fun. It's a material I can use while I make art with my kids. It's not a dangerous material to use around my dining room table/kitchen (like many other art materials I've enjoyed using). It creates a durable surface that's indestructible and easy to store (i.e. my kids can't destroy it). It's fun to make.

Q: Can I buy/request/commission a Shrinky Dink Portrait? Sure, over here. 

Q: How do you draw on a shrinky dink?
A:  I just draw on the Shrinky Dink material with colored pencils. I have an art degree and a bunch of teaching experience. This summer I'm teaching at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. If you'd like to host a workshop or a class on Shrinky Dinking - contact me: iknowtiffany@gmail.com